Volume XLIX (II)




Oláh, J., Johanson, K.A., Li, W. & Park, S.J.: On the Trichoptera of Korea with Eastern Palaearctic relatives.  PDF  published online: 02.11.2018


Mısırlıoğlu, M., Valchovski, H. & Stojanović, M. :  Review of the earthworm biodiversity of Turkey and its neighbouring countries (Clitellata, Megadrili).   PDF    Appendix 1

published online: 02.11.2018


Oláh, J. & Kiss, O.: Splitting by adaptive traits in the Rhyacophila obscura species group (Trichoptera, Rhyacophilidae).   PDF      published online: 02.11.2018


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published online: 02.11.2018


Oláh, J.: Revisiting the genus Aethaloptera Brauer (Trichoptera, Hydro-psychidae, Macronematinae): new species and recordsPDF    published online: 18.12.2018 181190
Berczik, Á. & Dinka, M.: Bibliography of hydrobiological research on the Gemenc and Béda – Karapancsa floodplains of the River Danube (1498 – 1436 rkm) including the publications of the Danube Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences between 1968 and 2017.   PDF   published online: 18.12.2018 191197