Volume L (I)

In preparation



Sharma, B.K. & Sharma, S.: The biodiverse rotifers (Rotifera: Eurotatoria) of the floodplain wetlands of Barak valley of Assam, Northeast India.   PDF     published online: 20.03.2019


Szederjesi, T.: New earthworm records from the Ukrainian part of the north-eastern Carpathians (Megadrili: Lumbricidae).    PDF    published online: 20.03.2019


Bálint, Zs., Cerdeña Gutiérrez, J., Boyer, P, Florczyk, K. & Pyrcz, T.W.: Notes on the identity of the male paralectotype of Thecla heodes and description of a new species: Strymon cryptodes sp. nov. from northern Peru (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).   PDF   published online: 20.03.2019