Volume LII (I)





Oláh, J., Vinçon, G. & Coppa, G.: On the Trichoptera of Italy with delineation of incipient sibling  species PDF  published: 24.02.2021 03–67
Sharma, B.K. & Sharma, S.: Biodiversity of Indian Rotifers (Rotifera) with remarks on biogeography and richness in diverse ecosystems.   PDF   published: 11.05.2021 69–97
Shumka, S.: Checklist of rotifer species from Albania (phylum Rotifera).    PDF   published: 28.06.2021 99–109
 Tavuç, İ.: In Memoriam Prof. Dr. İbrahim Mete Mısırlıoğlu.    PDF   published: 28.06.2021 111–117