Volume LIII (I)




Oláh, J.: Contribution to the taxonomy of the Oecetis (Oecetis) tripunctata (Fabricius, 1793) species group (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae)  PDF/A   published: 13.04.2022 03–30
Narayanan, P.S., Anuja, R., Thomas, A.P.  & Paliwal, R.: A new species of Moniligaster Perrier, 1872 (Annelida, Moniligastridae) from India, with status revision of M. deshayesi minor Michaelsen, 1913  PDF/A   published: 13.04.2022 31–50

Sherlock, E., Coates, M. & Csuzdi, Cs.: Modelling of climatic tolerances of three earthworm species; Satchellius mammalis, Lumbricus friendi and Lumbricus festivus using Maximum Entropy Modeling.  PDF/A    published: 25.06.2022


Oláh, J., Beshkov, S., Ibrahimi, H., Kovács, T., Oláh, J. Jr. & Vinçon, G.: On the Trichoptera of the Balkan: survey on species complexes of Polycentropus ierapetra, Rhyacophila balcanica, R. bosnica and Notidobia nekibe. PDF/A   published: 25.06.2022