Volume XLVIII (II)



Szederjesi, T.: The first combined checklist of earthworms of the Northeastern Mediterranean region (Clitellata: Megadrili)PDF  published online: 13.11.2017 77116
Oláh, J. & Oláh, J. Jr.: Fine phenomics applied to the Nectopsyche genus (Trichoptera) Species delineation by speciation traitsPDF  published online: 13.11.2017 117184
Sharma, B.K., Raghunathan, C. & Sharma, S.: Rich freshwater rotifer fauna of small lentic ecosystems of south Andaman, Andaman Sea, India (Rotifera: Eurotatoria).  PDF   published online: 13.11.2017 185192
Szederjesi, T.: New earthworm records from Austria (Megadrili: Lumbricidae).   PDF   published online: 01.12.2017 193199
Dinka, M.: The complete list of scientific publications of Prof. Árpád Berczik.    PDF    published online: 01.12.2017 201211