Volume XLIX (I)




Oláh, J.: Species delineation and description in Aethaloptera Brauer genus by phallic head (Trichoptera, Hydropsychidae, Macronematinae).   PDF   published online: 24.01.2018


Korányi, D., Markó, V. & Kondorosy E.:  First record of Psallus assimilis in Hungary (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Miridae).    PDF    published online: 24.01.2018


Guerra Serrudo, J.F., Siebel, G., Vila, R., Benyamini, D. & Bálint, Zs.: A remarkable record of the genus Pseudolucia from Bolivia (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae).  PDF 

published online: 11.05.2018


Oláh, J., Andersen, T.,   Beshkov, S., Ciubuc, C., Coppa, G., Ibrahimi, H., Kovács, T.,  Oláh, J.  jr. & Szczesny, B. : Unified phylogenetic species concept: taking subspecies and race out of science: postmodern theory applied to the Potamophylax cingulatus group (Trichoptera, Limnephilidae).   PDF    published online: 27.06.2018


Korányi, D., Markó, V.,  Haltrich, A. & Orosz, A. First records of Latilica maculipes (Hemiptera: Issidae) and Synophropsis lauri (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) in HungaryPDF

 published online: 27.06.2018

Oláh, J., Kovács, T. & Ibrahimi, H.: Agaphylax, a new limnephilid genus (Trichoptera) from the Balkan: Lineage ranking by adaptive paramere.   PDF   published online: 27.06.2018 7789
Tóth, B.: Eupithecia oxycedrata (Rambur, 1833) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae): a new species for the fauna of Hungary.   PDF    published online: 27.06.2018 9195