Volume LI (Supplementum II)



Front Matter:  PDF


Dányi, L. & Korsós, Z.: Preface.  PDF    published: 07.08.2020

Minelli, A.: Arthropod segments and segmentation – lessons from myriapods, and open questions.   PDF/A     published: 07.08.2020 0721

Huynh, C. & Veenstra, A.: A new species of penicillate millipede from genus Mauritixenus (Diplopoda, Polyxenidae) found in VietnamPDF/A    published  07.08.2020


Short, M.: New species of Polyxenida in Israel (Diplopoda, Penicillata)PDF/A    published: 07.08.2020

Chao, J.L., Lee, K.S. & Chang, H.W.: Two new species of centipedes, Lithobius keelungensis sp. nov. and Lithobius (Monotarsobius) qingquanensis sp. nov., from Taiwan (Chilopoda, Lithobiomorpha, Lithobiidae) PDF/A   published:  07.08.2020 4756
Chao, J.L., Lee, K.S., Yang, Z.Z. & Chang, H.W.: Two new species of centipedes, Tygarrup daliensis sp. nov. (Mecistocephalidae) and Australobius cangshanensis sp. nov. (Lithobiidae), from Southwestern China.    PDF/A   published:  07.08.2020 5767
Read, H.J., Wheater, C.P., Albertini, M. & Woolner, M.: Changes in surface active myriapod communities during the restoration of woodland to wood pasture: a long-term study.    PDF/A    published07.083.2020 6986

Korsós, Z. & Lazányi, E.: Present status of the millipede fauna of Hungary, with a review of three species of Brachyiulus Berlése, 1884 (Diplopoda).   PDF/A    published07.08.2020